The Stevens Thomson Mason Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized in Ionia on February 13. 1909.

The charter members were as follow:

Mrs. Eva M. Barnes, Mrs. Mary L. Canfield, Mrs. Marion Morse Davis, Mrs. Marcoa A. Hamilton, Mary J. Smith, Carrie S. Loomis, Mrs. Huey C. Morse Yates, Evangeline MacKinnon, Mrs. Ona M. Hocke, Mrs. Louise Morrison Waterbury, Susan T. Canfield, Elizabeth M. Benedict, Cornelia A. Benedict, Jessie H. Benedict, Maryeth L. Barnes, Jennie L. Wells, Oliva Yeomans Just, Equna Arnold, Mary O. Arnold, Marion Ethel Arnold. Lulu C. Comey, Grace C. Yate, Harriet McMullen, Mary Warner, Kate Benedict, Ferneuce Yeomans, Marion Yeomans, Margaret Steer. Lucy Babcock.

The present membership. with the name of ancestor and ancestor's native state, is given below:

Name - Name of Member of Ancestor - Native State

Mrs. Frank Anderson (Louise W.) - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Miss Marion E. Arnold - Job Arnold - Rhode Island

Miss Helen - Baerd Uriah - Roundy Vermont

Mrs W. L. Barnes (Eva M. W.) - Taverner Beale - Virginia

Mrs. H. B. Barnes (Marietta L.) - Job Arnold - Rhode Island

Miss Lucy Babcock - George Babcock - Connecticut

Mrs. B. L. Berry (Lulu C.) - Gideon Cornell - Vermont

Mrs. Gordon Benedict (Carrie) - Luther Trowbridge - Massachusetts

Miss Elizabeth Benedict - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Miss Cornelia Benedict - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Miss Kate Benedict - Samuel Gordon - Ireland

Miss Jessie Benedict - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Mrs. O. A. Bierce (Carrie H.) - Uriah Roundy - Vermont

Mrs. A. G. Bedford (Grace L.) - John Goffe - New Hampshire

Mrs. J. H. Canfield (Mary L.) - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Miss Sue Canfield - John Handy - Pennsylvania

Mrs. H. R. Chamberlain (Mary Abbey) — Simeon North - Connecticut

Miss Lu Coney - Isaac Van Vorheis

Mrs. E M. Davis (Marion M.) - John Morse - Connecticut

Miss Elva R. Davis - Isaac Strong - Vermont

Miss Marian E. Daniells - Nathaniel Daniels — Massachusetts

Miss Mary Emily Fish - Asa Gurney - Massachusetts

Mrs. J. L. Plater (Wealthy Ann) - Conradt Wilhelmer - New York

Miss Inez A. Francisco - Lamberton Cooper - Massachusetts

Mrs. J. J. Green ( Genevra W.) - William Armstrong - Ireland

Mrs. J. H. Hamilton ( Marcia W.) - George Palmer - Connecticut

Miss Ella- Hutchins - Uriah Roundy - Vermont

Miss Jessie M. Hutchins - Uriah Roundy - Vermont

Miss Winifred Hearsey - Gideon Cornell - Vermont

Miss Mary B. Jefferds - Jonathan Brown - Massachusetts

Mrs. W. S. Lister (Sarah S.) - Benjamin Whitney - Connecticut

Mrs. Wm. Laurie (Daisy C.) - Gideon Cornell - Vermont

Mrs. Arthur Loomis (Carrie) - Samuel Dexter - Connecticut

Mrs. A. R. Locke (Ona M.) - John Morse - Connecticut

Miss Evangeline McKinnon - Taverner Beale - Virginia

Miss Harriet McMullen - Job Arnold - Rhode Island

Mrs. Thomas McGannon (Olive K.) - Justus Bellamy - Connecticut

Mrs. Levi Marshall (Addie) - Asa Heald - Massachusetts

Mrs. A. T. Montgomery (Almerene) - Ichabod Brown - Connecticut

Mrs. J. H. Witchell (Jessie L.) - Peter Anspach - Germany

Mrs. Jennie L. Nelles - Job Arnold - Rhode Island

Mrs. Alary A. Prince - Job Arnold - Rhode Island

Mrs. W. T. Remington (JaneR.) - Lemuel Hubbell - Connecticut

Miss Margaret Steere - Jonah Steere - Rhode Island

Miss Marjorie Streeter - Jonah Steere - Rhode Island

Mrs. K. R. Smith (Mary J.) - George Palmer - Connecticut

Mrs. K. R. Smith, Jr. (Alice Geer) - Jonathan Cressy - Connecticut

Mrs. H. C. Taggart (Nora AT.) - David Alorse - Connecticut

Mrs. Frank Taylor (Carrie C.) - Severinus Koch - New York

Mrs. Benjamin Yosper (Lucia) - Philip King - New York

Mrs. Harriet N. Willett - Philip Gilman - Pennsylvania

Mrs. George P. Winchell (Martha) - Henry Norton - Connecticut

The present officers are:

Regent, A. T. Montgomery,

vice-regent, Mrs. Florence McGannon,

recording secretary, Mrs. H. R. Chamberlain;

corresponding secretary, Kate Benedict;

treasurer, Mrs. Levi Marshall;

registrar, Mrs. G. Lee Gates;

chaplain, Mrs. J. H. Plater;

first director. Mrs. ). H. Hamilton;

second director, Marjorie Streeter;

third director, Mrs. A. K. Locke.