A prosperous village situated on the Thornapple River, in Barry county, Thornapple township. 
It is in a fertile, agricultural and hardwood timber country, from which it derives a steady and growing trade. 
Among the interests of the village are:
2 saw mills, 
1 grist mill, 
2 planing mills, 
1 foundry, 
1 bank, 
2 hotels, 
3 churches - Baptist,Congregational and Methodist
A good graded school, 
A weekly newspaper The Republican. 
Several good stores represent the dry goods, grocery, hardware, jewelry and drug trades. 
Flour, wheat, cattle, sheep, hogs, lumber and farm implements are prominent shipments. 
Middleville lies on the G. R. division of the M. C. R. R., 12 miles northwest of Hastings, 21 southeast of Grand Rapids, and 73 northwest of Jackson. 
It was settled in 1836, and became incorporated in 1867. 
The population numbers about 1,000. 
Stages run to Bowen's Mills and Plainwell triweekly. 
Telegraph, Western Union. 
Express, Culver, Page, Hoyne & Co., Pubs, of Blanks and Books for Railroad Cos., Nos. 118 &. 120 Monroe Street, Chicago.
American. M. F. Dowling, postmaster.
Alexander & Wallace (Fred Alexander, Orlando Wallace) proprs Irving House. 
Almy Benjamin A, hardware. 
Barry County Republican (weekly) Jordan & Watkins (M F Jordan, Will M Watkins) publishers. 
Beamer George R, grocer and baker. 
Bechtel Wm A, harnessmaker. 
Bliss & Bristow (Amplius T Bliss, John Bristow) blacksmiths. 
Bowne, Combs & Co, (A J Bowne, R E Combs, F H Degolia) bankers. 
Bliell Wm E, Saloon. 
Carveth & Clark (John Carveth, Aaron Clark) lawyers. 
Cobb Wm L, lawyer and justice. 
Conley Rev Charles E (Baptist). 
Coville F A, station agent. 
Coville Mrs F A, photographer. 
Dowling Marion F, real estate and notions. 
Ellis A Halsted, lawyer. Fallass Edwin, grocer. 
Feltzer George P, tailor. Ferguson Jacob P, physician. 
French Thomas D, flouring mill. 
Gardner, Campbell & Co (AlonzoEand Wm
D Gardner, and Frank Campbell) flour and feed. Johnson House, Jas Johnson Propr. 
Johnson James, Propr Johnson House. 
Johnson George H & Co (George H & Timothy P) general store. 
Jordan Milton F, lawyer. 
Jordan & Watkins, publishers Barry County
Republican. Kessler John B, drugs and groceries. 
Lee Marvin P, saloon. Leonard Philip, general store. 
Luther George & S on (George and James H) general store. 
McKevitt & Severance (James H McKevitt, Wm II Severance) meat market. 
Mason Charles C, sawmill. 
Matteson George W, dentist. 
Mears Artemus T, druggist and ex agt. 
Moore Rev Benjamin (Congregational). 
Morgan Albert, tinner. 
Parkhurst Silas S, physician. 
Parkhurst & Freeman (Silas S. Parkhurst, Porter C Freeman) drugs and books.
Pferdesteller & Johnson (Charles Pferdesteller, Matthew Johnson) carriagemakers.
Pitman Charles, hardware.
Prindle Merrick M, justice of the peace.
Prindle & Blanchard (Merrick M Prindle, Charles W Blanchard) meat market.
Purdy Herman D, insurance agent.
Rich Samuel C, physician.
Rogers John W, harnessmaker.
Sage & Williams (Norton A Sage, James Williams), boots and shoes.
Sanford Smith, saloon and grocer.
Searles Gaylord W, marshal.
Shank Ephraim, blacksmith.
Shufelt Edward M, grocer.
Smith Sidney B, hardware.
Smith G C & Son (George C, Edwin E), harnessmakers.
Southwick Alonzo E, shoemaker.
Spangemacher & Co (Fred Spangemacher, Lydia Pferdestaller), furniture and crockery.
Townsend & Williams (Miss Maria Townsend, Mrs M Williams), millinery.
Tucker John, watchmaker.
Wakefield Amos, shoemaker.
Walworth & Clark (Hiiam Walworth, Geo Clark), founders and machinists.
Wescott Stub B, barber.
Wigle Rev Eli (Methodist).
Young Walter R, baker and grocer.