Charge Of Custer's Men At Falling Waters

LIEUTENANT Charles M. Holton, 7th Michigan Cavalry.

Charles M. Holton enlisted August 6, 1862, at Battle Creek, Michigan, in the 7th Cavalry as private, and was mustered out as 1st lieutenant.

A comrade of his writes:

At the battle of Falling Waters, July 14, 1863, Holton was 1st sergeant of Company A.

The regiment, about three hundred strong, was supporting a battery.

Fronting them was a heavy Confederate skirmish line, in the rear of which was a line of battle supported by artillery.

The skirmish line was nearing the Federal guns when the 7th was ordered by General Kilpatrick to charge.

Holton's company was in the advance, and he received credit among his comrades for having led them.

The regiment dashed on through the skirmishers to the line of battle, where a hand-to-hand conflict ensued.

Holton dismounted, seized the flag of the 55th Virginia Infantry from the wounded color-bearer, mounted, and with the flag in his hands, assisted in taking over three hundred prisoners to the rear.

On the captured flags were the names of all the great battles won by the Army of Northern Virginia up to that date.

When Holton took the colors the wounded sergeant said:

"You have been after that old flag for some time, but never got your hands on it before."

By command of General Kilpatrick, Holton and two others of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade, who had captured colors, carried them in company with the general's staff during the balance of the engagement.